Dr Nick Taylor

Principal Scientist - Epidemiology

Dr Nick Taylor is a Principal Epidemiologist with over 20 years’ experience studying the ecology of aquatic animal populations and their pathogens. He specialises in applying a wide range of statistical and modelling techniques to help understand drivers for disease and evaluate different surveillance and control options. Climate, and especially temperature is a key factor determining the impact, occurrence and range of many aquatic animal pathogens and their hosts. Nick’s research has been used by UK Government and key stakeholder groups to help understand the potential challenges posed of key pathogens under future climate scenarios with a view to developing strategies to mitigate their impact. He has also applied his skills to determine the effects of climate change on waterborne vibrio infections in humans. In addition to his focus on disease, Nick has a keen interest in aquaculture production and is involved in national strategies that explore potential futures for aquaculture in the UK and other countries in the face of climate change and other key challenges. Related to this he recently led a task within the EU funded (H2020) CERES project to establish the opportunities and challenges posed by climate change to European aquaculture production and is currently furthering this research in the context of the UK.

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