Isolation and observation of "virus disease" virus of abalone in Dongshan, Fujian.

Fang, Y., Huang, Y., Yan, J., Yan, Q., Wu, W., and Ni, Z.
J. Oceanog. Taiwan Strait
Using ultramicrotomy technique and electron microscopy technique combined with negative staining method, hexagal particles containing capsule in size around 100 nm were observed in renal cell, liver cell and enteron cell of diseased abalone sampled from Dongshan, Fujian. Homogenized tissue of diseased abalone was super-centrifugalized in ladder sucrose medium, followed by the digestion of DNA and RNA in tissue using DNase and RNase. Pure virus particles were then obtained. Nucleic acid of the virus was achieved by digesting the virus particles using proteinase K. Purified nucleic acid was digesting by DNase I and RNase A, respectively. This virus was ascertained to be DNA virus by 1% (m/m) agarose electrophoresis.

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