Fine structure of Perkinsus atlanticus n. sp. (Apicomplexa, Perkinsea) parasite of the clam Ruditapes decussatus from Portugal.

Azevedo, C.
J. Parasitol.
A new apicomplexan species, Perkinsus atlanticus , is described from gill filaments of the clam Ruditapes decussatus (Bivalvia) from Portugal, where it causes great mortality. The zoospores differ from those of other species of Perkinsus in size and shape, dimensions, insertion of the 2 flagella, and in the identity of the host. On the other hand, the life cycle stages showed some ultrastructural differences compared with Perkinsus marinus , the only species previously studied in detail. When the clams were parasitized heavily, ultrastructurally similar life cycle stages were found in foot and mantle tissues.
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts