Phylogenetic and antigenic characterization of new fish nodavirus isolates from Europe and Asia.

Skliris, G.P., Krondiris, J.V., Sideries, D.C., Shinn, A.P., Starkey, W.G. and Richards, R.H.
Vir. Res.
Nodaviruses are widespread causative agents of viral nervous necrosis in fish. Based on the coat protein sequence, fish nodaviruses are categorized into four different genotypes. In this study, we present data on the phylogenetic and antigenic characterization of 12 new isolates, eight European and four of Asian origin, from farmed and wild species of fish. Phylogenetic analysis based on the nucleotide sequence (688 bases) of the coat protein classified the majority of these new isolates to the RGNNV genotype. Geographic or host-species specificities were not revealed by this study. Neutralizing assay experiments, further confirmed the genotypic classification, supporting the possibility that the different nodavirus genotypes can also be serologically distinguishable.
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