25 September 2019
Marine litter scientists from the UK kick-off work in South Africa this week to tackle plastic pollution in the ocean
12 September 2019
The “Pathobiome” – a new understanding of disease
04 June 2019
UK centre designated as global reference laboratory to tackle aquatic animal disease
23 May 2019
Reducing the accidental catch of whales, dolphins and porpoises in UK fisheries
21 May 2019
UK marine scientists begin work to deliver marine litter action in Belize
14 May 2019
UK scientists host international seafood safety experts at newly designated International Centre of Excellence
12 March 2019
Marine research expedition heads to two remote UK Overseas Territories
28 February 2019
UN recognises UK science excellence in shellfish safety
11 February 2019
South Pacific Region Commonwealth Litter Programme conference to discuss marine litter research, monitoring and solutions to reduce plastic pollution
15 November 2018
Marine and citizen scientists take to the seas to help secure a future for Atlantic bluefin tuna in UK waters
13 November 2018
UK marine scientists begin work to deliver marine litter action in South Pacific
06 November 2018
New report improves understanding of UK Shelf Seas ‘blue carbon’ role
15 October 2018
Newly designated Centres of Excellence to help realise the UK’s international aquatic science potential
03 August 2018
Cefas scientists complete 6-week, 1700km autonomous fisheries acoustics mission
12 July 2018
UK ornamental aquatics industry join forces with scientists in the race to find a robust solution to illegal cyanide fishing
06 July 2018
New multi-million Cefas HQ construction kicks off with ground-breaking ceremony
26 June 2018
2018 CCAMLR meetings hosted by Cefas and BAS
08 June 2018
Pacific marine climate change - partnership with regional and UK experts reveals full regional impacts
06 April 2018
Cefas and University of Exeter team up with stakeholders to track bluefin tuna and confirm reports that the giant fish are returning to British waters
05 April 2018
25 years of research reveals changing distribution of marine litter
05 December 2017
International science prize aims to keep shrimp on the menu
26 October 2017
New centre for sustainable aquaculture aims to unlock solutions to global food security
13 October 2017
A new era for marine science: green light for new Cefas headquarters in Lowestoft
29 September 2017
Analysis of 50 years of marine data: new insights into life on the seabed and potential for better protection of the marine environment
28 September 2017
UK-marine science partnership to propel research capacity in Indonesia’s coastal fisheries
25 September 2017
Marine scientists conduct UK seabed health check
18 August 2017
New techniques allow scientists to predict the impacts of climate change on marine non-native species
26 July 2017
Cefas submit planning application for redevelopment of Lowestoft headquarters
29 June 2017
Cefas contributes to major new assessment of North East Atlantic Ocean
09 June 2017
World Oceans Day 2017: inspiring the next generation of marine scientists
21 April 2017
Public consultations to be held on future of Lowestoft laboratory site
30 January 2017
Cefas signs a Pacific-UK marine science partnership to promote environmental research and collaboration
16 November 2016
Cefas to deliver further marine environment projects in UK Overseas Territories
11 November 2016
First UK assessment of underwater noise in the marine environment published by UK research partnership
05 October 2016
International researchers track eels further and longer in their journey to the Sargasso Sea
26 September 2016
Cefas Scientists complete world’s first “on-demand” autonomous marine water sampling
30 August 2016
New South Pacific-UK marine science partnership to promote environmental research and collaboration
22 July 2016
SCUBA divers have an important role in monitoring the temperature of our oceans
05 July 2016
New UEA-Government research centre to strengthen UK marine science capacity
03 May 2016
New Indonesia-UK partnership to strengthen marine and fisheries co-operation
29 April 2016
Regulatory toolbox launched for English aquaculture businesses
22 March 2016
RV Cefas Endeavour contract extended with P&O Maritime Services
11 March 2016
More than £1million investment in securing high quality seafood
25 February 2016
New research dispels myth that European Eels are trapped in the Mediterranean
24 February 2016
Cefas scientists decipher the role El Niño has in the spread of waterborne diseases
06 January 2016
£2M grant to reduce major aquaculture diseases will benefit small-scale farmers in India, Bangladesh and Malawi
06 November 2015
Cefas leads the marine 'open data' revolution
01 October 2015
New CEO Rear Admiral Tom Karsten takes up the helm of UK's leading marine science agency
22 September 2015
Cefas leads development of underwater noise monitoring network
02 September 2015
Historical data hold secrets of one of UK’s favourite fish
08 July 2015
New technology aims to combat disease in global aquaculture
19 June 2015
Cefas scientists to take part in world-wide ocean health check 21st June
10 June 2015
Cefas reports significant science impact for customers and continued financial strength
22 May 2015
New UK-Qatar partnership to promote environmental research and collaboration
18 May 2015
Defra appoints Rear Admiral Tom Karsten as new Chief Executive of Cefas
14 May 2015
New Cefas website targets international research and advisory opportunities
03 February 2015
Netherlands Government charters RV Cefas Endeavour
18 December 2014
Cefas wins 4 year deal in Kuwait
05 December 2014
Remote piloted aircraft maps storm surge impacts one year on
09 October 2014
Improved wave monitoring to strengthen coastal flood forecasting in Wales and South West England
29 September 2014
First mission for Cefas’ new Wave Glider “Lyra"
08 September 2014
Cefas launches permanent base in Middle East/Kuwait
27 June 2014
Cefas to review Ascension Island’s fisheries management
27 June 2014
Cefas Endeavour joins commemoration of World War One
18 June 2014
Cefas scientists to take part in world wide ocean health check
11 June 2014
Cefas Reports £2.8 million Surplus and High Customer Satisfaction
06 June 2014
Cefas to Lead Marine Protection Project in British Virgin Islands
08 May 2014
UK-Latvian Memorandum of Understanding targets new opportunities in aquaculture science
02 April 2014
Environmental Monitoring of Marine Spills – The 2nd PREMIAM Conference
07 March 2014
Discards Ban road shows coming to Wales

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