Vergleichende infektionsversuche mit egtved-viren (stamm F1) bei regenbogenforellen (Salmo gairdneri) und goldforellen (Salmo aguabonita).

Ahne, W., Negele, R. D. and Ollenschlager, B.
Berl. Münch. Tierärztl. Wschr.
Comparative infections with Egtved virus (strain F1) in rainbow trout( Salmo gairdneri )and in golden trout (Salmo aguabonita) were carried out. At a water temperature of 8-10°C 90% of either rainbow trout and golden trout died within 8 and 15 days after intraperitoneal injection of Egtved virus (10(6) TCID50 fish). In all infected trout typical VHS symptoms were observed and the virus could be reisolated from organpools, ascites and blood. Discelectrophoresis of serum proteins revealed a higher proportion of globulin-fractions in infected golden trout than in rainbow trout, although the total serum protein contents as well as the relative proportions of albumin and globulin of infected trout were lower compared to the controls. Humoral antibodies could not be demonstrated.
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