Isolation of a birnavirus belonging to Sp serotype, from south east Asia fishes.

Wattanavijarn, W., Torchy, C., Tangtronpiros, J and de Kinkelin, P.
Bull. Eur. Ass. Fish Pathol.
Cross-neutralisation studies carried out with a Sp serotype of IPN virus and a birnavirus isolated from supernatants of an Ophicephalus lucius cell culture infected with a homogenate of organs sampled from a snakehead fish (O. striatus) originating from Thaliland, have demonstrated for the first time the presence of a Sp serotype birnavirus in south east Asia. This virus which was also detected in samples from several other hosts and geographic origins, differs from the sand goby birnavirus not only by its serology but also by its lower growth temperature requirements. (N.B. It is unclear from the reference whether the mention of virus deetection from other hosts and geographic origins refers also to O. striatus from Burma and Hampala dispar (eye-spot barb) from Laos.)
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