Mortalities of juvenile shrimp Penaeus monodon, associated with Penaeus monodon baculovirus, ctyoplasmic reo-like virus and rickettsial and bacterial infections, from Malaysian brackish water ponds.

Anderson, I.G., Shariff, M., Nash, G. & Nash, M.
Asian Fisheries Sci.
A disease syndrome from Malaysia in extensively reared Penaeus monodon , in which P. monodon baculovirus (MBV), a cytoplasmic reo-like virus, rickettsia and bacteria were identified pathologically, is described. The Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacteria were associated with tissue changes and had a tissue distribution typical of a penaeid bacterial septicemia. Histologically, the rickettsia appeared primarily responsible for the disease with secondary bacterial infections contributing to the mortalities seen. MBV and the reo-like virus may have facilitated the rickettsial infection or may have become patent in the weakened shrimp.
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