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Dr Richard Paley

Virology Team Lead

Richard specialises in fish virology and works closely with government and industry on the diagnosis and control of viral infections in fish aquaculture.

The team has a long history of investigating diseases caused by viral pathogens of fish, molluscs and crustaceans. We utilise a combination of classical and modern approaches (including virus isolation, antibody based assays, electron microscopy, conventional and realtime PCR and metagenomic sequencing) to describe known and emergent pathogens and their associated host responses.

Supported by dedicated tissue culturists we maintain a repertoire of transformed cell lines from various organs for the isolation and replication of viruses infecting fish across the spectrum of species and environmental conditions.

We also maintain an extensive virus culture collection, for use as references and tools in future comparative studies and investigations. This collection has isolates dating back more than 40 years from many different countries and species.

We routinely undertake infection studies of aquatic animals in our state-of-the art biosecure challenge facilities, at a range of temperatures, salinities and light regimes, including work with new and emerging as well as listed exotic viruses.


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