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The connection between marine organisms and ocean climate has been at the heart of our research at Cefas for over a century, such as the influential work by which D.H. Cushing explained the importance of the timing of climatic conditions for early life stages of fish.

In the present day, our International Marine Climate Change Centre (iMC3) continues to bring together expertise from across Cefas and beyond, to provide evidence on marine climate change impacts, and to advice on aspects of climate adaptation, mitigation and blue carbon. We deliver collaborative projects to a very wide range of domestic and overseas customers involving government, policy, regulatory and statutory bodies, as well as industry, non-government organisations and academic institutions

We are also integrated into key national and international partnerships that co-ordinate, interpret and translate ocean climate change science to inform and support climate adaptation for policy and decision making. Our work helps inform people and communities of the important and far-reaching implications of climate change over different time scales.