Dr Paulette Posen

Senior Scientist - Spatial Modelling

Dr Paulette Posen is a Senior Risk Modeller with 19 years' experience in environmental modelling and impact assessment within a spatial framework. She models interactions between human activity and the natural environment, including the impacts of climate change, land use change, nutrient transport, water quality, greenhouse gas emissions and human activity in marine and terrestrial environments.  Her career has straddled both academic (University of East Anglia) and government agency (Cefas) roles, with current work focusing on the influence of terrestrial activities and climate change on water quality in coastal waters, and microbiological risks in shellfish growing areas. Paulette has run national and international stakeholder workshops across the range of her research interests, most recently in the context of an assessment (within the Commonwealth Marine Economies programme) of vulnerability to hurricane-induced coastal inundation in the southern Caribbean, under a range of storm-type and sea level rise scenarios. She has authored and delivered GIS training in cartographic design, spatial analysis and hydrological modelling, and has published widely in peer-reviewed journals.  Paulette holds professional membership of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, through which she has been awarded the status of Chartered Water and Environmental Manager and Chartered Environmentalist.

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