Dr Will Le Quesne

Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology and Human Interactions

Will is a Principal Scientist at Cefas with a technical background in ecology and modelling human interactions with the environment, with a focus on biodiversity and fisheries. Will is the Cefas Middle East Programme Leader and he is currently based in the British Embassy in Oman leading the UK-Gulf Marine Environment Partnership Programme. Within this programme Will is overseeing Cefas’ support for the ROPME Regional Action Plan on Marine Climate Change which is studying marine climate change impacts, and adaptation and mitigation options across the Gulf region. Will has a particular interest in understanding interactions between human activities and the seas and how this can be affected by climate change. Will has a track record in publishing modelling and experimental studies on climate change and ocean acidification, and has provided advice for UK and overseas government, and for multinational bodies including ICES and ROPME.

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