Dr Adam Kennerley

Marine Scientist - Marine Ecology

Adam is involved in projects that involve GIS modelling and socio-economic impact assessment of environmental change. He is a multidisciplinary researcher who measures the impact of changing interactions between the natural and human worlds in terms of ecological, social and economic change. A significant proportion of this work specifically assesses impacts associated with climate change. This included work on the CERES project, where economic models were generated that represent an array of aquaculture systems across Europe. Projected impacts of climate change were applied to these models to understand how the economics and biology of farms may change so that policy could be developed that minimises any subsequent losses and maximises any opportunities that may arise. A number of other projects have assessed more specific factors associated with climate change such as developing ex-ante economic assessments of the impact of increases in notifiable disease risk on aquaculture farms and stakeholder engagement sessions to understand behaviour changes in response to climate change and associated the impacts.

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