Dr Craig Baker-Austin

Principal Scientist - Bacteriologist

Dr Craig Baker-Austin is a research microbiologist based at the Weymouth Cefas laboratory. Craig has worked at Cefas since 2008, and before this worked at the US Savannah River Ecology laboratory leading a project concerned with antibiotic resistance and metal resistance in shellfish-associated bacteria. Craig has contributed to numerous working groups on pathogens and climate change (including the MCCIP report card series) and is an editor at the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

Craig’s research interests bridge the gap between marine microbiology, molecular biology and waterborne disease emergence. He is interested in the dynamics of pathogenic marine bacteria, in particular microbes such as vibrios, that represent an increasing disease threat in Europe. He has led numerous studies linking the emergence of pathogenic waterborne bacteria with climate change, for example the emergence of Vibrio diseases during climatic anomalies such as heatwave events. Additionally, Craig is interested in antibiotic and metal resistance, and mechanisms of resistance co-selection in environmental bacteria.

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