Dr Stephen Dye

Principal Scientist - Climate Change, Oceanography

Dr Stephen Dye is a Principal Marine Climate Scientist and Cefas Science Theme Lead for Ecosystem Change and Variability. He has >25 years experience as a physical oceanographer examining the variability of marine physical processes on seasonal to decadal time-scales using moored instruments, hydrodynamic models and hydrographic data-sets. He works to understand the role of the ocean in the climate system and interactions between ocean and atmosphere so that we can predict how ocean basin-scale processes in the North Atlantic and sub-Arctic seas affect ecosystems in the UK’s shelf seas. He has played a leading role in assessing and communicating the climate of the marine environment through national and international collaborations such as the Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership (MCCIP) and the ICES Report on Ocean Climate. Stephen is also an honorary Senior Lecturer at UEA where he is Deputy Director of the Collaborative Centre for Sustainable Use of the Seas, he is a Fellow of the Challenger Society for Marine Science (2006) and is Chair of the Editorial Board for the society’s journal Ocean Challenge.

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