DOI: 10.14466/CefasDataHub.6

Cefas Fishing Survey System


This dataset has been extracted as part of an exercise to assemble "all" Cefas Temperature Data and publish it in a Data paper. It is one of 17 Cefas data sources assembled.

The Fishing Survey System (FSS) is a purpose–built database used to hold and maintain Cefas fish survey data, primarily from government mandated surveys. This SQL database holds the main research and charter vessel fishing surveys data from 1901 to present. It includes station, catch, length, and biological data. Easy to access user front end for storing and editing most forms of survey vessel data. Individual surveys grouped by their parent cruise series. Three current sections are shellfish, Fisheries Science Partnership and standard fisheries surveys.

Fish stock monitoring survey stations, provide the main source of temperature data. This dataset also stretches the UK Shelf Waters designation, including a single coastal Greenland survey in 1959 and Arctic surveys in 1930 and 1949–1959.

Various quality control checks ensure high quality storage of data and allow users to edit and extract data as required. Allows uploading from Electronic Data Capture System or X-Files.

Temperature data were extracted from the FSS database using:

SELECT fldCruiseName AS Cruise, fldcruiseStationNumber as StationNumber, fldShotEorW AS EorW, fldShotLonMinutes AS LonMin, fldShotLonDegrees AS LonDeg, fldShotLatMinutes AS LatMin, fldShotLatDegrees AS LatDeg, fldDateTimeShot AS DateTime, fldBottomSalinity AS BottomSalinity, fldSurfaceSalinity AS SurfaceSalinity, fldSurfaceTemp AS SurfaceTemp, fldBottomTemp AS BottomTemp, fldShotDepth AS WaterDepth, fldShotLonDecimalDegrees AS ShotLonDecimal, fldShotNorS AS NorS,fldShotLatDecimalDegrees AS ShotLatDecimal FROM FSS.dbo.tblDataStationLogs where fldBottomTemp is not null or fldSurfaceTemp is not null with values entered as ~36 C removed as suspect; nulls removed.


Morris, David / Andres, Olga / Ayers, Richard / Brown, Annie / Elisa, Capuzzo / Keith, Cooper / Stephen, Dye / Liam, Fernand / Flatman, Steve / Greenwood, Naomi / Haverson, David / Tom, Hull / Kieran, Hyder / Simon, Jennings / Ross, Jolliffe / Julian, Metcalfe / Meadows, Bill / Pearce, David / John, Pinnegar / Sophie, Pitois / David, Righton / Natasha, Taylor / Williams, Oliver / Wright, Serena


Temperature of the water column

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Morris et al. (2016). Cefas Fishing Survey System. Cefas, UK. V1. doi: