DOI: 10.14466/CefasDataHub.10

Cefas SmartBuoy Monitoring Network


This dataset has been extracted as part of an exercise to assemble "all" Cefas Temperature Data and publish it in a Data paper. It is one of 17 Cefas data sources assembled.

SmartBuoys are autonomous marine monitoring systems making high frequency measurements of physical, chemical and biological parameters (Greenwood et al., 2010). They have been deployed as part of the UK marine eutrophication monitoring programme.

Sea surface temperature is measured using an FSI or Aanderaa conductivity/temperature sensor. Measurements are made every second in a burst duration of between five and ten minutes. A burst average is calculated. Temperature data are from one metre below sea surface at all sites plus 25m, 31m and 85m at North Dogger, 35m and 45m at Oyster Grounds. Resolution 0.01°C; Accuracy 0.1°C. Temperature sensors are calibrated annually at Cefas against certified platinum resistance thermometers. Data are subject to a full quality assurance procedure which assigns flags to poor quality data (e.g. for sensor malfunction, drift).


Sivyer, David / Pearce, David / Greenwood, Naomi / Hull, Tom / Needham, Neil / Keable, Jennie / Scriven, Marc / Read, Chris / Fitton, Eric / Mills, David / Malcolm, Stephen / Reeve, Alison / Yeatman, Stuart / Cutchey, Stewart / Andres, Olga / Lees, Helen


Biochemistry, Alga, Algal bloom, Chlorophyll pigment concentrations in the water column, Phytoplankton, Plankton, Plankton abundance per unit volume of the water column, Dissolved oxygen parameters in the water column, Nitrate concentration parameters in the water column, Nitrite concentration parameters in the water column, Nutrients, Phosphate concentration parameters in the water column, Suspended particulate material, Anthropogenic contamination, Chemical in the environment, Pollution events, Optical backscatter, Salinity of the water column, Temperature of the water column, Remote Sensing, Advice, Logbooks, Aquatic environment, Biodiversity, Catchment area, Climate,    Coastal environment, Ecosystem, Estuary, Eutrophication, Invasive species, Pelagic, Sample, Season, Sediment, Species, Taxonomy

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Sivyer et al. (2016). Cefas SmartBuoy Monitoring Network. Cefas, UK. V1. doi: