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SmartBuoy observational network - North Dogger


On the SmartBuoy, surface measurements of plant nutrient concentrations are derived from two instruments. The NAS-3X in-situ nutrient analyser takes hourly measurements of nitrate concentration, while lower frequency (daily) measurements of nitrate and silicate concentration are derived from laboratory analysis of water samples collected and preserved by the WMS-2 water sampler. An estimate of phytoplankton concentration (biomass) is obtained twice per hour using a fluorometer measuring chlorophyll fluorescence. To aid interpretation of these data, SmartBuoy also takes measurements of conductivity, temperature, suspended sediment concentration, light penetration with the ESM2 logger. Data are telemetered every two hours using ORBCOMM satellite telemetry.

The North Dogger SmartBuoy is located at 55.6833 N, 2.28 E. It started logging in February 2007 and finished in September 2008.

These deployments form part of the National Marine Monitoring Programme (NMMP) funded by the UK Government's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). Buoys have also been deployed as part of short term (up to 3 years) research contracts. Data have been collected using data buoys since November 2000 at a variety of locations in the North Sea, Irish Sea and Celtic Sea. Data are QA'd and archived at Cefas according to a defined SOP.


Greenwood, Naomi / Sivyer, David / Pearce, David / Cutchey, Stewart Subject


Biochemistry, Alga, Algal bloom, Chlorophyll pigment concentrations in the water column, Phytoplankton, Plankton, Plankton abundance per unit volume of the water column, Dissolved oxygen parameters in the water column, Nitrate concentration parameters in the water column, Nitrite concentration parameters in the water column, Nutrients, Phosphate concentration parameters in the water column, Suspended particulate material, Anthropogenic contamination, Chemical in the environment, Pollution events

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Greenwood et al. (2016). SmartBuoy observational network - North Dogger. Cefas, UK. V1. doi: