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Crangon crangon
Shrimp, Brown
Crangon crangon bacilliform virus (CcBV)
Hepatopancreatic epithelial cells
Crangon crangon bacilliform virus (CcBV)
Crangon crangon bacilliform virus (CcBV)
Unassigned sp. from Family Baculoviridae. Virions measure 280nm rod-shaped, enveloped virion. Only described within United Kingdom. Stentiford, G.D., Bateman, K., Feist, S.W. (2004) Pathology and ultrastructure of an intranuclear bacilliform virus (IBV) infecting brown shrimp Crangon crangon (Decapoda: Crangonidae). Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 58, 89-97.
Mortalities unknown as newly emerged disease. No gross signs of infection.
Histological analysis reveals hypertrophied nuclei containing an eosinophilic finely granular matrix within the epithelial cells of hepatopancreatic tubules. Affected nuclei also displayed marginated chromatin with strands of chromatin traversing the nucleoplasm leading to apparent intra-nuclear compartmentalisation. Affected cells appeared singly or in clusters; cells with hypertrophied nuclei were consistently found to be storage or R cells The infection was not observed in regenerating epithelial (E), fibrillar (F) or blister (B) cells.
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