Data Download Procedure

Note: some data are not downloadable from the site as they have been provided by third parties to WaveNet for visualisation only.

Please follow these steps to access the data archive.

  1. Open this link.

  2. Click on “Historic Deployments” to see all sites.

  3. Zoom in to the region of the buoy.

  4. Click the “Advanced mode” radio button (top left of map).

  5. Click on a buoy you require (it will turn green) – or drag select multiple buoys.

  6. Click “View selected” (top right above list of current deployments).

  7. A pop-up window providing the options to view data graphs and download data is displayed. The “Refine selection” tab indicates whether data are available for download or have specific restrictions for use.

  8. Viewing the data can help you establish what are available.

  9. Select the “Download” tab.

  10. Log in to WaveNet archive. New users will need to register at this stage, ensuring to tick if a commercial user.

  11. Once logged in, download the required data (parameter/spectra and telemetry or post-recovery data).

Note: the post-recovery data have undergone more QA than the telemetry so select this where available.