Radiological assessment

We have extensive experience in Environmental Radiological Assessment, successfully providing dose assessment capability, consultancy, research and development, training and modelling products to government and others. Our services range from the initial design and implementation of complex sampling and analytical programmes to the final interpretation of derived dose assessments.

Expert advice and guidance is available, together with specialised fieldwork monitoring staff, for radiological emergency response following nuclear accidents and incidents, and for the assessment to authorise disposals to the environment.

With exceptional supporting radioanalytical experimental facilities matched by only a few sites worldwide, Cefas’ laboratories are perfectly equipped to support radiological assessment services to businesses and organisations across a broad range of sectors. Managing risks from radioactivity requires accurate measurement of environmental levels and our expert scientists advise the UK government and OSPAR (the Oslo and Paris Commission) on radiological standards, legislation and policy. This means we can also offer advice to commercial organisations on meeting regulatory requirements.

With honed emergency response capability, and a mobile monitoring unit, we regularly take part in emergency exercises involving nuclear operators, government and local authorities. Our role is to provide advice and supporting analytical data to mitigate the impact of nuclear incidents, as well as relating to nuclear decommissioning.

Our radioanalytical teams offer analyses for alpha, beta and gamma radioactivity across a wide range of samples matrices. We offer monitoring programmes and hold accreditation as a UKAS ISO 17025 testing laboratory, Number 1875 (Scope of Lowestoft Laboratory Testing Services 1875). Other services include sample preparation, pathway analysis for exposure to environmental radioactivity, gamma spectrophotometric analysis, gross alpha/ beta and gamma testing and radiochemical analysis for the suite of radionuclides associated with the nuclear industry.

Our customers include UK Environment Agencies, foreign governments, water authorities and private companies in the nuclear industry and food importers.