Ecosystem modelling

We provide ecosystem modelling services relating to marine food-webs, biodiversity and fishing. We champion the ‘ecosystem approach to management’ (EAM), which aims to support the sustainable use of marine resources, without causing long-term deterioration of ecosystem goods and services. This aspiration is also embodied in our research, which seeks to reveal how marine ecosystems respond to human and environmental change.

Our experts are recognised leaders in applied and theoretical ecosystem modelling, with experience spanning a broad range of sectors around the globe – including fisheries and conservation organisations as well as energy sector customers in oil, gas and renewables.

Alongside tried and tested modelling tools, we have the capacity to develop bespoke modelling applications tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced modellers also work at the vanguard of application and development of the most used food-web model worldwide, Ecopath with Ecosim.

Cefas’ research on applied ecosystem modelling is used in the development of ecosystem indicators for managing 'Good Environmental Status' of marine food-webs and in supporting the development of multi-species fishery management plans consistent with an ecosystem approach.

We work closely with our customers and partners in fisheries, climate change science, spatial planning (e.g. in relation to marine protected areas) and the energy sector to provide comprehensive ecosystem impact assessments. Our experts have been pioneers in developing standards for quality assurance in food-web ecosystem modelling.