Our pilots, data analysts and scientists collaborate to offer an expert aerial survey service. As a recognised leader in marine science, we take a multi-disciplinary approach to our work, which means we can provide you with comprehensive advice and support in designing and implementing your survey project. 

We have worked with customers involved in nuclear, oil and gas and renewable energy, as well as marine and coastal infrastructure organisations. Our experienced field team have full permissions and approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and all pilots and flight staff are trained in operational and emergency procedures.

Our team can carry out aerial surveys using fixed-wing remotely piloted aircraft, enabling us to acquire high-resolution imagery and digital terrain models (DTM). A typical flight generates several hundred high-resolution images, and powerful software can then be employed to convert these into a single mosaic image and three-dimensional DTM.

Our skilled data analysts, high-specification computing and powerful software allow us to process acquired images and generate accurate geo-referenced products. In turn, these products can be used by our expert scientists, with detailed knowledge of the physical and biological environment, to carry out accurate assessments of areas that are difficult or hazardous to access by other survey means.  

With extensive knowledge and understanding of regulatory requirements, our team deliver outputs designed to fulfil regulatory commitments.