Combining cutting-edge innovation with proven existing technologies, Cefas undertake data acquisition from a range of platforms including surface and seabed moorings, autonomous surface vehicles, survey vessels and shore-based structures. Cefas can offer transmission of acquired data and associated outputs to a web-based viewing platform, which, when utilised alongside additional complementary and cost-effective data sources, provides a comprehensive metocean service allowing informed decision making in near real-time.

Having undertaken metocean data acquisition in a wide range of locations and water depths (5-6,000m), Cefas has developed an in-depth understanding of working in harsh and challenging environments, where careful consideration of all factors such as instrument and mooring selection is required to achieve high data return and project success.

In addition to offering a stand-alone service, our metocean survey capability can be combined with a wide range of related services, including comprehensive high-resolution modelling, to provide an integrated survey approach.