We offer high quality seabed surveys to a broad range of customers, in both UK and international offshore waters, in depths ranging from 15 m to 200 m. As internationally recognised leaders in marine science, our expertise encompasses physical and biogeochemical seabed processes and benthic ecology. We have a well-established capability in designing and delivering scientifically robust and cost-effective multidisciplinary seabed surveys.

Our experts use remote sensing (multibeam echo-sounders and sidescan sonar) and seabed sampling techniques, including underwater video, sediment grab sampling, coring and Sediment Profile Imagery. We also augment traditional survey approaches and the use of our multidisciplinary research vessel with the application of cutting-edge technology, including automated underwater vehicles and passive samplers.

Cefas has extensive knowledge and operational understanding of UK and International regulations. Our surveys can be designed to meet the exact specifications of your project, whilst also meeting the appropriate regulatory requirements.

Our proven track record ranges from close partnerships with conservation agencies to benthic surveys and environment impact assessments for private companies in the energy and other marine development sectors.