Decision support tools for the identification and management of invasive non-native aquatic species

The pre-screening toolkits for identifying invasive non-native species that are available on this page are based on VisualBasic (VB) code from the original Weed Risk Assessment (WRA) toolkit (Pheloung et al. 1999). We are grateful to  P.C. Pheloung, P.A. Williams and S.R. Halloy for providing an open version of their original WRA toolkit, with permission to adapt the original code for the VB driven toolkits developed at Cefas.

These toolkits are Crown copyright but may be downloaded for free, and freely distributed provided this notice is retained: No warranty, expressed or implied, is made and users should satisfy themselves as to the applicability of the results in any given circumstance.

Aquatic Species Invasiveness Screening Kit (AS-ISK)

The previous, taxon-specific invasiveness toolkits (available here below) have been replaced by a single risk identification (screening) decision-support tool, AS-ISK (Copp et al. 2016), which is applicable to all aquatic plants and animals from any type of aquatic system (marine, brackish, freshwater). The AS-ISK was created by integrating the generic screening module of the ENSARS into the architecture of FISK v2.03. The latest versions (from 2.2 onwards) are multilingual, offering assessors over 30 language options for carrying out their risk screening of non-native aquatic species:

Management Options Impact Assessment Scheme for Non-native Freshwater Fishes

This modular assessment scheme was developed to assist in the risk management of introduced alien fishes. The description of the scheme (in Britton et al. 2011) includes example assessments of recent case studies in England and Wales. The scheme’s five sequential modules are contained in a single Excel® file.

Previous, taxon-specific invasiveness toolkits

Toolkits produced prior to AS-ISK but still in use are available for direct download by clicking on the links given here below. Please note that FISK, SFISK and FI-ISK have been calibrated and that support of all of the toolkits available here below has ceased due to their replacement by AS-ISK. Also, please note that global review and meta-analysis of applications of FISK v1 and v2 has been produced (Vilizzi et al. 2019):