Underwater noise

Our in-depth scientific knowledge and sophisticated modelling capabilities, provides comprehensive advice and consultancy services for underwater noise assessment.

Underwater noise is increasingly seen as an environmental concern, with disturbance to marine life caused by activities such as pile driving and seismic surveys. Our noise propagation modelling and mapping capabilities enable you to plan your projects while both protecting marine life and meeting complex national and international regulatory requirements.

Cefas scientists are recognised experts in impact assessment of underwater noise on marine life, with experience ranging from marine biology and bioacoustics to sound propagation and mathematical modelling. This breadth of knowledge means that we can create holistic impact assessment solutions, informed by high quality science.

In addition to our environmental impact assessment and underwater noise modelling services, we offer acoustic data analysis, field surveys and training.

Our experts have experience working with businesses and organisations in a range of sectors, including government, offshore renewable energy, oil & gas and nuclear energy. Cefas is also a leading voice on policy and regulatory issues, providing scientific advice on underwater noise to Defra, the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), and Natural Resources Wales (NRW), and representing the UK in international fora such as OSPAR and the EU Technical Group on noise for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD).