Brian Harley

Middle East Business Developer

Currently working on understanding how Cefas can add value to the emerging blue finance and economy area of work, supporting Cefas’ ambitions in this area, particularly in respect to global partners.

I have worked for Cefas most of my working life and enjoy the variety that that has brought. With sea-going being my main focus up until the mid 2010’s, it is fortunate that it was one of the work areas I enjoyed the most. I enjoyed the travel and interaction with my European and international colleagues and always look forward to meetings, particularly in my area of expertise, where I can convey my experience and help others to improve. Between 2015 and summer 2017 I worked in Kuwait as an in country resident expert for eMISK Marine. This was particularly rewarding work and allowed me to bring all of the previous experience and expertise to bear on this exciting project. From the summer of 2017 I was a Fly-in/Fly-out expert, supporting the next stage of eMISK Marine for Cefas, focusing on Invitation To Tender production and continuing to engage with the EPA to maintain good personal contacts in Kuwait. Since mid-2019, I moved full time into the International Funding and Partnerships Directorate, where I have broadened my experience across the Middle East and more recently have looked to engage globally on the blue finance piece.


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