01 June 2022
5th Premiam Conference 2022 Programme
We are happy to announce our list of speakers for the Conference
24 March 2022
5th Premiam Conference 2022
5th Premiam Conference 2022 – book your place! Registration is now open. It is our pleasure to announce after previous years delays due to COVID we can announce that the 5th Premiam conference will be held on the 22 June 2022 at the RAI, Amsterdam as part of the larger Interspill Conference running between 21-23 June. Watch this space for further updates as the planning progresses.
04 April 2018
4th Premiam Conference 2018
We have great pleasure in announcing the 4th Premiam conference which is to be held on 21st of June 2018 at the Flett Theatre, Natural History Museum, registration is now open.
26 March 2018
2nd Edition PREMIAM guidelines launched
We are pleased to announce the release of an updated 2nd edition of PREMIAM guidelines that further strengthens the UK preparedness to respond to oil and chemical spills at sea.
25 October 2016
Premiam Guidelines: Review and Update - seeking comments and feedback
Cefas, on behalf of the Premiam steering group, are currently undertaking a review and update of the guidelines and are canvassing for appropriate feedback with regards to their structure and content.
01 June 2016
The 3rd Premiam Conference is less than a month away – Book Now!
This year's conference boasts an excellent programme of expert speakers contributing to the debate across three key sessions: ‘Preparedness’, ‘Data and Technology’, and ‘Working Together and Best Practice’.
26 April 2016
Final Programme for Premiam Conference 2016 Published
The Premiam initiative and conference organisers are very pleased to publish the final Conference Programme for Premiam 2016 which will be held in London on Wednesday June 22nd.
22 March 2016
Conference Programme for Premiam 2016 published
The Premiam initiative is very pleased to publish its draft Conference Programme.
14 March 2016
The Premiam Conference 2016 – A date for your diaries!
The Premiam partners are very pleased to announce that the 3rd Premiam Conference will be convened in London on Wednesday 22nd June
27 January 2016
Post-spill Environmental Monitoring Arrangements for England Reviewed
The development of clear arrangements for the initiation and conduct of monitoring and impact assessment following a marine spill are key to any effective response programme. The Premiam initiative has been leading on the establishment of these arrangements across the United Kingdom as one of its key deliverables.
03 December 2015
Premiam Meetings Promote Cooperation & Integration in Post-spill monitoring
In recent weeks 2 meetings have taken place under the Premiam initiative providing strong support for the promotion of best practice and integration in post-spill monitoring preparedness and conduct.
26 January 2015
New PMCC Chair for England
Robin Law (Cefas), who has been the PMCC chair for England since the inception of the role in 2012, is stepping down from the role in February 2015 and will be succeeded by his Cefas colleague Dr Brett Lyons...
19 January 2015
PMCC initiated for the Hoegh Osaka incident
The Hoegh Osaka incident has been running since 3rd January 2015 when the car carrier was beached on Bramble Bank in the Solent after listing on leaving Southampton. Although the incident posed a relatively low level of spill risk a Premiam Monitoring Coordination Cell (PMCC) was set up, comprising staff from Cefas and the Environment Agency...
08 September 2014
Environmental Monitoring of subsea oil releases and dispersant use: Guidelines published under the Premiam initiative
The Premiam group is pleased to announce the publication of the ‘Guidelines for the Environmental Monitoring and Impact Assessment Associated with Subsea Oil Releases and Dispersant Use in UK Waters’
18 June 2014
The 2nd Premiam Conference... A great success.
The 2nd Premiam conference was held in London on June 4th 2014. With over 100 delegates from across government, industry and academia and with representatives from across the UK and Europe it provided a unique delegate profile to address many of the key issues facing those interesting in effective post-spill environmental monitoring.
28 March 2014
Environmental Monitoring of Marine Spills – The 2nd Premiam Conference
The 1st Premiam conference explored the relevance and importance of an effective monitoring programme to a range of stakeholders. This 2nd conference will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to understand/debate the key issues around being ready to undertake prompt monitoring and the factors that need to be in place.
21 March 2014
Setting the standards for post spill marine monitoring preparedness assessment!
Cefas have just had a paper published in the Marine Pollution Bulletin. Entitled 'The Principles of effective post-spill environmental monitoring in marine environments and their application to preparedness assessment'
28 June 2013
Marine Spills – Environmental Monitoring Arrangements Agreed for England
The Premiam partners are pleased to announce that decision making, co-ordination and funding arrangements for post-spill monitoring and impact assessments in English waters have now been agreed and endorsed by the key government departments and agencies.
04 December 2012
The Association of IFCAs joins Premiam
27 September 2012
Decision Making and Funding Process Guidance
Scotland and N. Ireland versions available
18 September 2012
MoD Join the Premiam partner group
The Ministry of Defence has now joined as a core Premiam partner.
03 August 2012
Premiam – Post Incident guidelines – Introduction published
New publication that acts as an introduction to the main guidance
22 June 2012
The Premiam Conference – Time is running out to register!!
4th July 2012 - 09:00 to 16:30: Brunei Gallery, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
18 May 2012
The Decision Making and Funding Process
Establishing Clearer Decision Making and Funding Processes to facilitate post spill monitoring
29 March 2012
The Premiam Conference – A date for your Diaries!!
4th July 2012 — 09:00 to 16:30: Brunei Gallery, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
09 March 2012
The SOSREP Joins Premiam
The Secretary of States Representative for Marine Salvage and Intervention has recently become an official partner in the Premiam initiative
14 November 2011
Marine oil and chemical-spill response: UK guidelines launched
Post-incident monitoring guidelines are a key output of the PREMIAM project
12 April 2011
Scottish and Northern Irish Partners make Premiam a truly UK wide initiative!
The project welcomes key government stakeholder organisations from Scotland and Northern Ireland
28 October 2010
The search for Premiam Network members is launched
As from today Cefas staff will be proactively seeking to engage potential network members and to ask them to fill out a form to indicate what services they would be able to provide.
27 April 2010
Accidental Spills Paper Published in Marine Pollution Bulletin
‘Accidental spills at sea – Risk, impact, mitigation and the need for co-ordinated post-incident monitoring’ by Mark F. Kirby and Robin J. Law
25 February 2010
The Premiam partners group continues to grow
Recently Premiam has welcomed three new partners into the fold.
20 November 2009
Accidental Spills at Sea – SETAC 2010 session
The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry’s (SETAC) annual European conference in Seville (23rd-27th May 2010).
02 November 2009
Website Launched
The website for an exciting new cross-government department sponsored project have been launched