Dr Siân Limpenny

Director of Strategy & Delivery

Dr Limpenny is an experienced marine scientist with a strong track record of building Cefas’ marine science reputation and delivery for partners in the UK and overseas. She has had a lot of operational experience through direct management and accounting responsibility as Director of Strategy & Delivery at Cefas, and has published widely in the peer-reviewed literature. Dr Limpenny has led marine science programmes advising on the sustainable development of marine resources and delivered high quality science using multidisciplinary teams from across Cefas. Over her 25 year career, she has had responsibilities for providing innovative solutions for Government and Commercial partners in the UK and in the Middle East to ensure that the Cefas R&D, scientific advice and monitoring portfolio is policy-relevant.

Currently she is Cefas’ Director of Strategy & Delivery In this role, she is responsible for leading the quality of marine science advice and evidence delivered by Cefas to new Nuclear Power developers (under the BEEMS Programme), refreshing Cefas’ organisational strategy, and strategic oversight of Cefas relationships with UK partners.

Through her role on the Cefas Management Board she has corporate responsibility for People, Performance and Strategy matters. She is also responsible for the strategic direction of Cefas and is accountable for ensuring all performance measures are met.