Andrew Turner

Principal Chemist and Topic Leader

Andrew is the Principal Chemist and Natural Aquatic Toxins Topic Leader in the Cefas Food Safety Group based at Cefas’ Weymouth laboratory. In his current position he is accountable for the biotoxin analytical chemistry testing in shellfish performed on behalf of the UK competent authorities. His role includes the provision of scientific advice to external and internal customers in relation to toxin-testing methods. He also oversees the development, validation and implementation of new methods for food safety and One Health surveillance. Andrew is responsible for the development of the research activities of the chemistry team, conducting much of the work in collaboration with other organisations, nationally and internationally. Andrew has over 22 years postgraduate experience of delivering analytical chemistry in a commercial environment. Current research areas of interest include the development of new instrumental methods for marine biotoxins, rapid testing assays and the impact of cyanobacteria on food safety. They also include the development and production of stable reference materials, proficiency testing and collaborative studies, potential impacts of Tetrodotoxin in Europe, novel sources of harmful neurotoxins, risks from new and emerging toxins and chemical contaminants within UK waters and prevention/mitigation strategies for protection against harmful algal blooms. Andrew is a Chartered Chemist with the Royal Society of Chemistry, an Editorial Board Member with JAOAC and Toxins journals, founding member and vice-chair of the UK Harmful Algae group the marine toxin advisor to the FAO Reference Centre for Shellfish Sanitation. Andrew is also an active scientific writer, currently publishing close to 100 peer-reviewed journal articles and three book chapters.

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