Andrew Younger

Principal Scientist - Shellfish Hygiene

Andy Younger is the Principal Water Quality Scientist in the Seafood Safety Group at Cefas, and is a specialist in shellfish microbiology with more than 30 years’ experience of working in the field of water and environmental microbiology. More than twenty years of this experience has been with Cefas in the management of national monitoring programmes (e.g. classification of bivalve mollusc shellfish harvesting areas for England and Wales under EU Regulations) and in the inspection and approval of bivalve depuration systems in England and Wales. Andy is the scientific lead for the shellfish classification team and is responsible for providing advice to the Food Standards Agency and other national organisations in the UK on matters relating to Shellfish Hygiene Regulations and other shellfish hygiene issues. Andy is currently a member of the EU working group for the Good Practice Guide on microbiological monitoring of shellfish harvesting areas. He has participated as a National Expert in the European Commission’s auditing of Member States and Third Countries and has delivered training in various parts of Europe under TAIEX and BTSF schemes. Andy’s research interests include bivalve depuration, the impact of sewage pollution events in shellfisheries, and the use of shellfish indicator species in the classification monitoring programme in both a UK and international context.

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