Wendy Higman

Director International Centre of Excellence for Seafood Safety

Dr Wendy Higman has over 20 years of scientific experience in food safety including specialising on toxic dinoflagellates and research, advisory and statutory duties relating to algal biotoxins in molluscan shellfish. She also has over eight years’ experience developing food security and safety initiatives across UK Government and academia with particular focus on Official Development Assistance programmes (ODA). She is the Business manager of the Collaborative Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture Futures, a joint initiative between the Centre for Environment, Aquaculture and Fisheries Science (Cefas) and the University of Exeter. She has extensive experience of delivering research and projects in Asia and the Middle East. As Director of the Centre Wendy is responsible in developing, with Seafood Safety scientists, the evidence and advice that UK and overseas Government need to enable safe and sustainable seafood production and consumption.

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