Dr Valerio Visconti

Marine and Otolith Scientist

Valerio is the lead otolith scientist at Cefas in the Biological Parameters Team (BIOP) and has over 15 years experience working with both temperate and tropical fish species.

After studying Marine Biology (BSc Hons) and Ecology (MSc) at the University of Palermo (Italy), he completed a PhD on the demography of a commercial fish species in New Zealand (University of Auckland) before joining Cefas in 2018. His principal interests include the study of the biology and ecology of finfish, and in particular life-history traits and strategies, movements, reproduction, and demographic variations.

The expanding activity of Cefas in relation to Overseas Territories has seen Valerio involved primarily in projects dealing with age determination and otolith processing of new and emerging commercial fish species. Valerio has been increasingly involved with ICES’ WGBIOP, organising and delivering essential exchanges and workshops for the age determination from calcified structures (otoliths and scales) of key commercial species. He is also involved in research concerning flatfish populations affected with liver cancer, their exposure to contaminants and the possibility to measure their historical exposure by using otolith microchemistry.


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