David Maxwell


David is an applied statistician with 20 years of experience providing statistical analysis, consultancy and training. His interests are in the application of statistics throughout fisheries and environmental science, particularly in the design and analysis of experiments and surveys. Current areas of work include electronic recording of fisheries data, gear selectivity and the effects of environmental pressures on salmonids. Also, as part of the Data Science and Systems Team, working to bring modern analytical techniques such as Bayesian networks and data mining algorithms into marine science.

David is highly experienced in working with scientists to understand the context of any analysis and then explaining technical concepts both to a general audience and more formally through scientific publications and presentations, as shown through his publication record. He has many years of knowledge of the R statistical environment, providing technical advice and training courses on its use and on statistical modelling more generally.

David is a professional accredited member of the Government Statistical Service, Cefas lead statistician to the Defra network and a Chartered Statistician of the Royal Statistical Society. He also regularly works in international projects and scientific forums, currently being a member of the ICES Working Group on Biological Parameters.

Research Publications: Google Scholar, ResearchGate

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