Kieran Hyder

Principal Scientist

Kieran has 20 years’ experience in the application of data collection, modelling, and statistics to solve problems in a wide variety of different fields including: fisheries, ecology, veterinary epidemiology, and pesticide residues. Most recently at Cefas as part of the UK government, his research is centred on the application of science to support policy and management of fisheries. Specifically, he focuses on the social, economic, and biological impacts of marine recreational fisheries, and the application of novel approaches to support fisheries monitoring, assessment, and management.

Kieran has in-depth understanding of the marine policy and management landscape. He provides advice to policy makers at national and European level, chairs the ICES Working Group on Recreational Fishing Surveys, and leads recreational sea angling surveys for UK. He contributes to sea bass stock assessment and chaired the data compilation at the last benchmark. He has extensive knowledge of both existing and new methods for data collection and monitoring including citizen science, smartphone apps and web-based approaches. He has expertise in the application of models to support management of marine systems; most recently working on Individual-Based Models of fish populations, linkages between fish spawning and nursery areas, and ecological connectivity between networks of manmade structures.

Kieran is an experienced principal investigator, securing research funding from many sources including government, research councils, and industry. He holds an Honorary Senior Lectureship in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia and supervises a number of PhD students. He is an editor for the ICES Journal of Marine Science and has published over 60 peer-reviewed papers.

Research Publications: Google Scholar, ResearchGate

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