Daniel Wood

Senior Scientist

Daniel is a Marine Scientist with a focus on offshore wind and marine renewables. He is based within the Marine Ecosystem Evidence and Assessment Team at the Cefas Lowestoft laboratory. In his current position he is responsible for providing scientific advice and research to a wide variety of commercial and public clients on the effects of human activities in the marine environment. These clients include Defra (Department for Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs), Glosten Associates (USA), EDF (France), DHI (Denmark), the MMO and the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI).

He has over 15 years’ experience of research into human effects on the marine environment. Much of this work has focused on the effects of offshore wind turbines, particularly floating wind turbines. He also has experience in aggregate dredging, aquaculture, nuclear energy and oil & gas. Outside of renewable energy, Daniel is the Scientist-in-Charge of Cefas’ MPA surveys and has many years’ experience of offshore environmental survey work. Daniel has led projects on the use of compensatory measures in the offshore environment, floating wind turbines and underwater noise/

Daniel is co-chair of the ICES working group on Offshore Renewable Energy (WG-ORE) and a member of the Working Group on Marine Benthal and Renewable Energy Developments. Daniel also chairs the working group on human pressures and activities under UKMMAS. Daniel is a chartered marine scientist and a member of IMaREST. In addition, Daniel has a strong track record in project management at ISO9001 level.

Daniel has authored and co-authored multiple papers and reports. Daniel is also a reviewer for several journals. He regularly presents at international workshops at OSPAR and ICES and presents at conferences on renewable energy.



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