Manuel Nicolaus

Principal Marine Biologist

Manuel currently coordinates the delivery of the United Kingdom Marine Strategy Part 1 assessment with a focus on the Human Pressures Indicators including Eutrophication, Contaminants, Noise and Litter. He is also a science expert for offshore marine renewable energy infrastructure projects around the UK. He analyses contaminant data in the marine environment and assesses them against set criteria to ensure sustainable development options. His publications are focused on the effects of contaminants to the marine environment.

Manuel graduated from the University of Wales Bangor with a BSc in Marine Biology/ Zoology in 2006, which was followed with a MSc from Swansea University in Aquaculture and the environment in 2008. Since then, he has worked at Cefas in various capacities. Some highlights include the operational lead of the Clean Seas Environmental Monitoring Programme, chairing the Clean Safe Seas Evidence Group and being the UK’s Reporter in Chief for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive obligations.

Over the last decade, he has worked with a wide range of scientific departments including histopathology, ecotoxicology, chemistry, benthic ecology, sedimentology, fisheries and litter to investigate what effects humans have to the marine environment and what mitigation measures can be put in place to ensure sustainable development.

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Publication highlights: Spatial and temporal analysis of the risks posed by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, polychlorinated biphenyl and metal contaminants in sediments in UK estuaries and coastal waters EEM Nicolaus, RJ Law, SR Wright, BP Lyons. 2015. Marine pollution bulletin 95 (1), 469-479.

Spatial and temporal analysis of the risks posed by polychlorinated biphenyl and metal contaminants in dab (Limanda limanda) collected from waters around England and Wales EEM Nicolaus, SR Wright, TPC Bolam, JL Barber, JP Bignell, BP Lyons. 2016. Marine Pollution Bulletin.

Below the surface: Twenty-five years of seafloor litter monitoring in coastal seas of North West Europe (1992–2017) T Maes, J Barry, HA Leslie, AD Vethaak, EEM Nicolaus, RJ Law, ... 2018. Science of the total environment 630, 790-798.